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This webpage is a centralized hub for resources related to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) from organizations across British Columbia, as well as key national and international research. We will continue to update this webpage as further resources become available.
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Housing Barriers Among Trans and Non-Binary Adults in Canada


Two-Spirit, trans, and non-binary peoplee face specific barriers due to the structural, binary nature of most transitional and emergency housing and supports in Canada. To better understand these structural housing barriers and identify solutions for removing them, this report provides some new disaggregated data to fill the gap of information on housing barriers and homelessness experiences among Two-Spirit, trans, and non-binary adults in Canada.

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Investing in Saving Lives: Designing Second-Stage Women’s Shelters on First Nation Reserves


Despite the great risk for intimate partner violence for Indigenous women, only three unfunded second-stage shelters for more than 600 First Nation reserves exist in Canada to provide First Nation women and their children a safe home. This article documents the need for safe, nurturing, and culturally appropriate second-stage shelters for Indigenous women and their families to heal and rebuild, and to stop the genocide of Indigenous Peoples by supporting cultural, economic, health, and social development

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24 Hour Census Report (2022): A One-Day Look at Women’s Transition Housing and Support Programs in BC


This snapshot offers some insight into the realities of Women’s Transition Housing and Supports Programs in BC. In just 24 hours, between November 30th & December 1st, 2022 1,501 people were sheltered or supported in-person or remotely through Transition Housing Programs across BC. Unfortunately, an additional 201 people were waiting for services or turned away from these programs.

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Successful Tenancies: Exploring Survivors’ Experiences in the Private Rental Market in Toronto


Gender-based violence is a common cause of homelessness among women and gender-diverse people in Toronto and survivors face unique challenges to housing. This research contains findings from community-based research undertaken with women and gender-diverse people who have experienced gender-based violence and currently live in or are trying to access private rental housing in Toronto. The report shares their experiences and unique challenges to housing, including hidden homelessness, discrimination from landlords, and income insecurity.

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