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This webpage is a centralized hub for resources related to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) from organizations across British Columbia, as well as key national and international research. We will continue to update this webpage as further resources become available.
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Police Experiences Among Trans and Non-binary Sex Workers in Canada


Although trans and non-binary sex workers may be particularly impacted by criminalization, data on the specific experiences of trans and non-binary sex workers have been lacking. To fill this gap, we researchers used data from the Trans PULSE Canada survey to describe participants’ experiences with police. Indigenous and racialized sex workers had the most negative police experiences and expectations.

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Intersecting Inequalities in Access to Justice for Trans and Non-binary Sex Workers in Canada


Trans and non-binary sex workers face large inequities in accessing justice, which are exacerbated for transfeminine, Indigenous, racialized, and street-based workers. In the context of renewed debate about Canada’s “end demand” sex work laws, this study takes an intersectional approach to characterize experiences with the criminal legal system and perceived access to justice among transgender (trans) and nonbinary sex workers in Canada.

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Housing Barriers Among Trans and Non-Binary Adults in Canada


Two-Spirit, trans, and non-binary peoplee face specific barriers due to the structural, binary nature of most transitional and emergency housing and supports in Canada. To better understand these structural housing barriers and identify solutions for removing them, this report provides some new disaggregated data to fill the gap of information on housing barriers and homelessness experiences among Two-Spirit, trans, and non-binary adults in Canada.

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Health and Well-Being Among Trans and Non-Binary Immigrants & Newcomers


The Trans PULSE Canada project collected survey data from 2,873 trans and non-binary people in 2019. This report presents results from the first national data on gender-based violence, health and well-being among trans and non-binary immigrants and newcomers in Canada. Results for newcomers and established immigrants frequently differed, highlighting the importance of studying the impact of the settlement process and integration on immigrant health and wellbeing.

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