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Resistance and Resurgence: Decolonization in a Time of “Reconciliation”

Thursday, June 18 2020

There has been a disconnect between words and actions in how Canada, including its government institutions, organizations and people have viewed and defined “reconciliation.”

On the one hand, an inquiry report and calls to action on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit Peoples was released in 2019, yet this year, the calls to action have been muted, with no signs of moving forward.

Panelists in this webinar discuss how abolishing white supremacy means understanding how it plays out in every institution including the child welfare system, the criminal justice system, the housing system, income inequities, access to healthcare, education and employment, on and off reserves. The road to decolonization, truth, and reconciliation requires respecting Indigenous rights and sovereignty.

For more information about this webinar, it’s panelists, and how you can support their movements, please visit Feminists Deliver.

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